jobmarket-0076.jpgI’m happy to have you here on my website!  A little about me:  I’m an assistant professor of economics at Kenyon College and the Chief Chaos Organizer of the Black Family Household.  On my website you can see both my professional accomplishments and some of my personal endeavors.

Academic “Pedigree”: I am a PhD graduate of the University of Pittsburgh economics program, Economics Master’s of Arts graduate of Youngstown State University, and a Mathematics (Actuarial Science concentration) Bachelor’s of Science graduate of Penn State University.

If you’re curious about my list of my publications, click HERE

If you want a copy of my most current CV, click HERE

If you’re interested in the classes that I teach, click HERE

Personal: I attempt to balance full time work, full time spouse, full time mother, and full time fitness participant.  I clearly don’t prescribe to budget constraints in this model! I have two girls who amaze (and exasperate) me every day, two labrador retrievers that allow us to live in their house, and a husband who helps me manage all of these beings.  You can usually find our family doing something active.  I enjoy running, wakeboarding, snowboarding, waterskiing, hiking, and lifting.  My oldest, H, usually wakes up and asks, “Where we goin’ today?”

Economics is a choice between alternatives all the time. Those are the trade-offs.  Paul Samuelson


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