Published Articles:

Wide Open Spaces: Estimating the Willingness to Pay for Adjacent Preserved Open Space

Regional Science and Urban Economics, vol 71  (July 2018): 110 – 121



When Externalities are Taxed: The Effects and Incidence of Pennsylvania’s Impact Fee on Shale Gas Wells – with Shawn McCoy and Jeremy Weber    DOI: DOI Link

Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists  5, no. 1 (January 2018): 107-153.


Fracking and Indoor Radon: Spurious Correlation or Cause for Concern? – with Shawn McCoy and Jeremy Weber DOI: DOI Link

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol 96 (July 2019): 255-273.         **This paper won the 2018 Best Working Paper Award for IAEE.


Eco-gentrification and Who Benefits from Urban Green Amenities: NYC’s High Line – with Mallory Richards

under review at Landscape and Urban Planning


Working Papers:

Reversing The Tide: The Role Of The Foreclosure Crisis on Rural Depopulation


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